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The Ardennes is the part of the Ardennes in Belgium located in the south of the Walloon Region.

Village of “Mont Saint Jacques” in the Belgian Ardennes
Located in the small village of Mont Saint Jacques at 400m above sea level, not far from Plopsa Coo and Spa-Francorchamps, of all trade and services of first utilities, our holiday lodge is the starting point of various hikes, cycling and VTT excursions with varied slopes and ever-changing landscapes. Many ski tracks in the neighborhoods.

Activities near the holiday cottage

  • Wanne ski slopes: 7,5km
  • Mont des Brumes ski slope: 13km
  • Hockai ski slopes: 21km
  • Baraque de Fraiture ski slopes: 22km
  • Ovifat ski slopes: 27km
  • Amblève river: 5km
  • Coo waterfalls: 6km
  • Trois-Ponts lake: 5km
  • Vielsalm lake and Sunpark: 11km
  • Robertville Lake: 27km
  • Bütgenbach lake: 33km
  • Malmedy: 18km
  • Town of Spa, its thermal baths and its golf course: 21km
  • Signal de Botrange on the Hautes Fagnes: 33km
  • Wéris, its dolmens and menhirs: 34km
  • La Roche-en-Ardenne: 38km
  • Durbuy, the smallest town in the world: 44km
  • Stavelot Abbey: 9km
  • Caves of Remouchamps: 32km
  • Aywaille Safari Park: 36km
  • Francorchamps circuit: 16km
  • Horse and restaurant rental: 50m

For your mountain bike rides, you can ask us for a guide who will take you on paths adapted to your levels and the type of route you want to take.

Origin of the name of the Ardennes

It is originally the name of a Celtic deity (Arduinna), but especially of a forest (Arduenna silva) located on and around the Ardennes massif, cited by Julius Caesar and Strabo.

Caesar evokes the Ardennes forest when he describes his departure for the Ambiorix war in 54 BC. He describes this forest as “the largest in all of Gaul, and which, extending from the banks of the Rhine and the country of Trevires to that of Nerviens (Domain which would therefore include in the north of present-day France the Avesnois, or even part of the Thiérache) (…) ”It does not describe its surface nor the width, but specifies that “it embraces in its length a space of more than five hundred miles” This forest will be isolated from other massifs by the Roman Bavay-Cologne road which will favor the clearing of the surrounding areas. Caesar clearly distinguishes it from the Hercynian forest, which he referred to earlier in his account, in the same Book VI of the Gallic Wars.

Ardennes nowadays

Today, the words Ardennes and Ardennes are applied in the names of several natural or administrative regions which it is sometimes difficult not to confuse, especially as the numerous attempts to appropriate this well-known name maintain a certain confusion.

The Ardennes or the Ardennes refers to a natural region located to the south of the Meuse and the Sambre and limited to the south by the plains of Lorraine and Champagne, which has been referred to since Antiquity as the Arduenna Silva. This historic region encompasses the geological regions of the Ardennes massif or bordering it: the Fagne, the Famenne, the Hautes Fagnes, the Eiffel, the Oesling, the Calestienne, part of the Condroz, the Pointe de Givet.

The Ardennes massif is an old eroded mountain, in the heart of the Ardennes natural region.

In Luxembourg …

The Luxembourg Ardennes (oesling in German and French, eisleck in Luxembourgish) designate a region in the north of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg that is part of the Ardennes natural region.

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